Transparent Health

CGI’s Transparent Health targets the core issues that plague the system.  It is an unbundled approach to reducing healthcare cost, while improving the care your employees receive.  It’s all about ensuring the right care is delivered at the right time, in the right place, at the right price.

amadeus Hospitality ‘Alexa’

This short film showcases amadeus voice recognition software and how it is changing the hospitality landscape for guests and hotel staff.

2017 Athlete Summit

Each year, Reebok brings together CrossFit Games athletes at an annual summit. During this time, athletes are introduced to Reebok’s brand campaign, apparel and footwear for the upcoming year. They are able to provide feedback, get to know the Reebok team, and train and spend time with one another in a relaxed environment.  It’s a who’s who of Reebok athletes like Rich Froning, Katrin Davidsdottir, Emily Bridgers, Annie Thorisdottir, Becca Voigt, Jason Khalipa, Julie Foucher and we could go on for a long while.  We’ve been fortunate to be able to cover the event for the last 3 seasons at the Albany Resort in the Bahamas utilizing digital cinema gear, a drone and a very packed golf cart.

I’m CJ

Meet CJ Cummings.  CJ is a professional weight lifter and at 16 years old holds many world records.  His new shoe, the Reebok Legacy Lifter, has overlapping straps and laces to lock you down, an anatomical shape that hugs your foot and a stable lifting platform for ultimate control.  When he is not lifting, CJ enjoys playing video games, playing on his iPhone, eating french fries, and hanging out with this friends.

Reebok Life: Spencer

Reebok Athlete and Games veteran, Spencer Hendel, won’t let any obstacle stop him from getting to a meeting on time.  Our final installment in the Reebok Life series, this piece was filmed on the campus in Canton, MA featuring actual employees and athletes.

ERP & CRM: Better together at Dreamforce 2015

Created for Dreamforce in 2015, needed a energetic booth video to promote their EMP and CRM software solutions that run on the Salesforce platform.  FUEL created two 30 second videos to play at the event and for digital campaigns.

Reebok CrossFit Chan/Spealler Pro Short

Designed and built based on insights from CrossFit® OGs Matt Chan and Chris Spealler, the Reebok CrossFit Chan/Spealler Pro Short is constructed to handle everything from ultimate training to everyday life.  This video was filmed over several months to capture the inspiration, design process and product testing and will be used to promote the launch in April of 2016. ERP Wearable Tech

This product overview is an everyday example of how has the agility to help you stay on track and deliver on your promises.  The client needed this story to be created for digital and trade show executions.

Kohl’s – Reebok QuickEdge

A high energy digital ad produced for Kohl’s profiling Reebok’s QuickEdge Trainer. More Edges = Better Traction.

Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform is a subject that’s being talked about through all levels of business in this country.  CGI Business Solutions needed a video to address some of the bigger concerns and encourage a conversation with new clients.  This video was created for the CGI website home page, and sent to their clients as part of an integrated marketing package.